Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling

Post by yumna » Sat Jan 10, 2015 2:37 am

As-salamu alaykum Brothers and Sisters,
I have this project for my humanities class and would love to have your views and opinion for the following case study .

khadija is a Muslim female living in North America. Her religion is very important to her. She's a single mother of 4 and she also wears the hijab. Her job requests frequent traveling. Because of her name and the hijab, she gets pulled aside by airport security often which sometimes result in her missing her flight and being late for conference meetings. In order to get a promotion at work she needs to get to the meetings on time to prove her dedication. Her boss suggest she change her name and remove the hijab so she'll be stopped less often at the airport.
What would you do if you were khadija?
Jhazakallah :)

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