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Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:36 am
by tayyab60
There is a general concept that these two words jihad (fe sabeel lilah) and qital (fe sabeel lilah) are synonymous meaning one and the same thing and our ignorance of the fact which is contrary to the general belief is thoroughly exploited by the non-muslim media especially that of the west.
Jihad is probably the most misunderstood word in the entire muslim world and outside it .Though It is fair to say that qital is jihad but vice versa statement is not true at all. Jihad comes from the root Arabic word ‘jahd’ meaning to ‘struggle and strive’ and ‘fe sabbel lilah’ (in the way of allah swt) has a number of phases or stages and these stages/phases are most beautifully illustrated by the life of the prophet mohammad pbuh itself. Starting from personal level ‘tazkiya e nafs’ (self purification)stage number ONE onwards to the last and ultimate level (qital) stage number NINE (according to the majority of Islamic scholars). Qital (fe sabeel lila) being the ultimate sacrifice has an ultimate reward of ‘jannah’ (eternal paradise).
Allah swt has commanded jihad in quran al karim hundreds of time BUT has identified qital as a separate entity in the quran al karim to differentiate between these two clearly with the commandments such as “ kutiba alaikumul qital”(qital fsl has been made compulsory on you) and “ wa main youqatil fe sabbel lilah he fayuqtil au yaglib fasawfa neutehe ajaran azima” ( and those who fight in the way of allah swt and then get killed or prevail are destined for the greatests of all the rewards from us).DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS:
There is nothing to feel embarrassed or apologetic about this one of the most blessed and unique commandment of allah swt. We should be pround of the fact that allah swt has chosen us to defend and protect his kingdom with our lives…allah swt commands in quran al karim that I have bought the lives of the true believers in exchange for the ultimate reward of the akhira ( the hereafter). MAY ALLAH SWT BLESS WITH THIS GREATEST OF THE REWARDS AMMEM THUMA AMEEN.