can you help me

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om taymullah
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can you help me

Post by om taymullah » Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:39 pm

hello sister
alsalmo alikom
in fact i am Arbian woman but i want to lean more about English to help other to be muslem AND MAKE A DAWAH
i have master in islamic science ماجستير في العقيدة but with arabic not english

the second thing
my be i well travl to overseas country en shaa allah , and i must be learn how can i talking and behave with other with english languge
any one can help me or offers advice to me

thanks too much
and my reward from allah

your sister om tymullah

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Re: can you help me

Post by hia99 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:00 pm

wa 3alaikumu'ssalam wa rahmatu'LLAH wa barakatuh

welcome to the forum sister,
if you've that long term plans regarding dawah in English - Please take some basic course in your country insha'Allah. Side by side you've to Listen and Read as much as you can - daily. Vocabulary is very important. So start learning new words on daily basis. Some 10 to 30 words daily. As per your learning ability. For speaking you can read loudly and then try to repeat that and talk to yourself if there is no one with whom you can practice. If you can then there are groups in skype where you can practice too. Facebook have many such groups. An other advice that make your own blog or facebook page where you can share your knowledge/learning in English with others insha'Allah. I hope it'll help you. Please ask again if there is anything you need to know. JazaakAllahu khaira may Allah bless you and increase you in your knowledge and all muslims.
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